Wild Flowers

This photo was taken on a cloudy day. I just asked the subject to go pick some wild flowers. Using a 70-200mm f2.8 lens I was able to capture this moment without being in the way.

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets used: Creative Catalyst 27, 1 Click-Fix Med, Black and White Simple 12.1, Creative Catalyst 27.

Original 1-2136.jpg
1 Click Fix med-2136.jpg
Black and White Simple 12.1-2136.jpg
Creative Catalyst 27-2136.jpg

Violet your turning violet

I like to buy my wife flowers from time to time.
Equipment used for shot. Camera, 50mm lens, tripod, extension tubes, remote switch, diffusion disk. 
This shot was taken in diffused natural light. I have a sliding glass door that faces east. I placed a diffusing disk (you could use a sheer fabric or white shower curtain) between my glass door and the bouquet of flowers. It wasn't long before I found some nice shots.

Photo Info: Canon 50mm 1/25 sec at f8.0, ISO 100
Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Preset: Creative Catalyst 30


Circa 1942 Dodge Preset Fun

I've been eyeballing this old broken down car for a while. I finally decided to take some shots of it. Overcast day + interesting subject = easy abstract photo.  I like the blue hue that this preset creates. 

Photo Info: Canon 50mm 1/100 sec at f10.0, ISO 100

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Preset: Creative Catalyst 2

Lightbulb Eternity

I went to a children's art museum and noticed a beautiful array of lightbulbs on the ceiling. It was fun trying to compose these bulbs. I was trying to find one that stood out from the rest, but in the end I just had to go for a group shot. 

Photo Info: Canon 50mm 1/25 sec at f1.6, ISO 200
Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Preset: Creative Catalyst 27

LightBulbs CC27-7688-3.jpg

Macro Chain

I used some Kenko extension tubes and my upgraded Canon 50mm f1.4 lens to capture a very close shot of my wife's bracelet/chain. This shot was done with a tripod, remote shutter release, and natural light. Settings were 2 seconds at f/10, iso 100, 50mm. Taking a subject that is fairly mundane and turning it into something abstract is a lot of fun.  I strongly recommend giving extension tubes a try. They retail for about $200, but can be found used for much less. I recommend buying a used set because there is not much that can break or cause them to malfunction. 

Photo info: 2 seconds at f/10, iso 100, 50mm
Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets: BW Simple 2.0


Original Image 

Original Image 

Photoshop User Feature

Thanks Nate - your presets really helped me take my post-production to another level - and are a huge timesaver. Frequently you save me a trip to Photoshop completely.

I'm not in the habit of endorsing products, because putting your name on something means something - Nate your presets deliver, they're worth every penny in the time I save.

-Doug Levy

-In A New York Minute
New York City: I must have shot 1,000 images of NYC taxis in three days. What really stands out for me in this photo is the sense of movement and urgency. 

Vincent Versace has said that just because we take still photos that doesn't mean what we photograph isn't in motion. I could not agree more. 

Doug was nice enough to tell me about his Photoshop User Magazine Cover Photo and to mention his use of Wonderland in the post processing of this photo. As an early adopter of Adobe Lightroom Doug was also an early customer of mine and encouraged me to add to and further develop my presets.  

Doug used Wonderland Preset: Creative Catalyst 48 as part of his post processing of his photo “In A New York Minute” 

Thanks Doug for your kind words. You are an amazing artist.

Check out Doug's blog here


Engagement Shots

Engagement: This was photo was shot in the late afternoon. I found this rusted metal wall in a deserted lot. I always keep my eye out for spots like this.  Easily accessible and an interesting background. Notice how I was able to backlight this couple by moving them away from the wall towards the light. I had friend use a 4x6 silver reflector to bounce light for fill. You have to be careful when using silver reflectors as they can often be too powerful. Too much light is obviously painful for your subject, but also makes for a less pleasing photo. Moving the reflected light or "feathering" the reflected light can sometimes give a better effect, than using reflectors at full strength. Learning how to reflect light is actually not as easy as it would seem. One must have adequate light to be able to reflect. It is best to move the reflector so that you can see it on the ground and then move it in the direction of your subject. Reflectors/diffusors are easily one of the best ways to quickly improve your photography. Please leave a comment if you have more interest in this. I would love to field any questions.

Photo info: 125/sec, f5.0, ISO 100, 130mm (70-200mm)

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets used: Creative Catalyst 13, A-Game 1

Engagement original web.jpg
Engagement Creative Catalyst 45 web.jpg
Engagement Sepia Suave web.jpg

Captain John

Captain John: Hanging out and doing what he does best. 

Photo Info:

This photo was taken with natural lighting.  Captain John is sitting next to a west facing window.  The sunlight was very bright and harsh so I placed a 4x6 diffuser up against the window to help soften the light.  The pseudo fur rug is actually on an ottoman and Captain was nice enough to prop his head on it.  The  ottoman allowed for better lighting and placement of my subject. I used a high key preset (Creative Catalyst 23)  to achieve this effect.  

Wonderland Adobe Lighroom Presets used: Crative Catalyst 23

Captain John High Key.jpg

Dramatic Lightroom Presets

Here I have posted a few examples of how presets can add extra creativity to your work. Included below are presets from the Wonderland  Presets 3.0 collection. BW Moody is just one of 28 black and white presets included in the collection. I really like how it adds contrast to this photo.

Creative Catalyst 30 has definitely made an impact with it's changes to tone. Wonderland Presets includes 60 Creative Catalyst presets (Defined: A creative agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. These are presets that apply unique creative effects. These are the heart and soul of Wonderland Presets).

Color Isolate Red + Portrait is not a preset that first comes to mind for this type of photo, but it really jumped out at me.  There are 16 Color Isolate presets in all and just as the name implies they work to isolate specific colors and turn every other color black and white.  The Color isolate + portrait presets will isolate a specific color plus skin color and turn all other colors black and white. 

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets used: Creative Catalyst 30, Color Isolate Red + Portrait, BW Moody.

Outdoor Portrait

Photo info: This Photo was taken at 1pm in the afternoon.  I used my 4x6 diffuser on camera right to reduce the harshness of the sun.  On camera left I placed a medium sized gold reflector to help fill in the shadows on my subject's face. Its nice to have some extra hands to help hold the light disks.  

1/1600 sec.  at f3.2, ISO 100, 55mm 

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets used: A-Game 2, Black and Whit Noble.

Outdoor Portrait Original-1.jpg
Outdoor Portrait Creative Catalyst 07.jpg
Outdoor Portrait BW Natural.jpg