You need to charge more for these, they rock… 11 of the presets have become an integral part of my workflow. How integral? I’d say I use those 11 as much jumping off point for 90% of my portraits…Nate - thanks so much
-Douglas Levy
Wedding/Portrait/Landscape Photograpahy
One of my biggest frustrations with going with RAW was not really being dialed into my presets…*extremely* useful…Great stuff!
-Nathan Petty
San Diego Wedding Photographer
Hi Nate:
Any update on when the LR4 version will be ready?  I am delaying moving to LR4 until I have your presets, which are the most used ones I own!
Vic Kirby

I just wanted to let you know these are some of my favorite presets, they make a lot of images look great :) thank you!
-Sherri J
I actually use these presets. What else can I say. Thanks Nate!
-Jared Longman
Totally awesome! I would have paid twice the amount.
-George Holbert
I previously bought the V3.0 Lightroom presets, and would love to get the V4.0 compatible presets. I've been waiting for you to update these :-).
(I originally bought the presets on 31.12.09).
Keep up the good work.

Subject: thank you thank you thank you
Message: Just wanted to drop a note of extreme thanks for your wonderful presets. I started using your freebies and got hooked, and broke down and purchased the entire set last week. Though I used to think in terms of black and white, your presets have me roaming the world of color, often in startling ways, as you can see on my web site, Friends keep hounding me to tell them my secret for the great effects — I just send them your way. Rarely am I as impressed with a product as I am with yours. Excellent stuff.
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