Wonderland Presets have been in production since the launch of Lightroom version 1. I've made these presets as needed. They are all uniquely valuable to me as they have been used in my work. I offer them now in a polished state ready to be used as your creativity directs.

Wonderland Workflow is a new set of presets for Lightroom 4. They are Built upon the original Wonderland presets . They are organized into separate modules as to simplify your workflow. They are stackable (with the exclusion of the creative catalyst presets).

Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Preset Videos

25 Basic adjustment Adobe Lightroom presets

22 Black and white high contrast Adobe Lightroom presets

30 Creative Catalyst Adobe Lightroom presets

24 Color Isolate Adobe Lightroom presets

Landscape Specific Adobe Lightroom presets

Skin Brighten and Skin Smooth Adobe Lightroom presets